Apartment Wanted ASAP (Midlothian Blvd - Brownlee Woods Youngstown Struthers)

I'm looking to rent an apartment or house ASAP on the Southside of Youngstown, Brownlee Woods area, Struthers or Boardman near Midlothian Blvd. Nearest Schwebels Bakery is preferred. (If your property has a crazy neighbor problem or your trying to sublet, please disregard this post)

I was renting a two bedroom apt. that the previous occupant was subletting without the owners permission and I must be out by June 25th. My rent was $550, so anything around $500 - $700 is fine but a little more is OK if it's worth it.
I work at Schwebels Bakery on Midlothian Blvd and would like to be close to work incase my car breaks down or some other unforeseeable circumstances occur.
I'm not picky but I am clean and willing to work on any repairs or upgrades that need to be done.
I have no pets and it doesn't matter how many rooms because it's just me. I have my own appliances, but can put them in storage if needed.
A small house with a garage would be my first choice to avoid monthly storage fees but just a room would would do for now.
WANTED TO RENT: House, apartment or room for one person

HOW LONG: Month to month or lease would suffice either way

HOW MANY ROOMS: Studio or 1 - 3

WIFI: Not important


AIR CONDITIONER: Would be nice but not necessary

RENT AMOUNT: Important ro certain factors pertaining to the rental property and amenities

Call or text me @ show contact info anytime and if you miss me, I'll get back to you first chance I get. Texts are best because I'll see them during breaks at work or after I wake up during the day.
I work midnight shift 10PM til 6AM

I will be thoroughly reviewing anyone with an application fee. I've paid 2 of them and wasn't refunded or ignored after. I don't know if it wasn't legit or it was rented out but I won't fall for it again.

I'm very weary of emails so I will not include it as a contact choice.

I'm over 30, male and NOT interested in any "OFFERS" or "DISCOUNTS" attached with renting from anyone.
I learned that lesson the creepy way!

I am clean, quite and stay to myself.

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