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re good news

good news? (perspective)

Have A Great Time JA! (Pitts..JA In Route To A Great Time!) pic map

Social Engineering (Outstandingly Awesome)

Woo Hoo, Blue Knob here I come.... (Bwahahahaha)

Should East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Be recalled? (East Cleveland)

Sexual Predator in East Cleveland - Elm Ave (East Cleveland) pic map

Re: Bad News (Awesomely Johnny)

➤ Facts/Data - Understanding Update on We The People ++ (USA) pic map

Bad News pic

Pitts... is getting mad with the truth (It's ok little buddy u will find Nick)

Hit That (The Offspring)

Its Blue Knob Day! (Pitts..JA's Mom Is Not Happy) pic

Oh You Wish? I'm Done With You! (Nick ) pic

The Unintended Consequences of Social Engineering (The real John Galt)

RE: Oh How You Wish! (Pitts..Advances) (Johnny's Mom)

Re: here a davy there a davy (Johnny A.)

Poor Pitts...and his Blue Knob (Johnny (Lovin it) Awesomely)

➤ Obama Review! by #'s (USA) pic

Oh How You Wish! (Pitts..JA's Advances) pic map

Galt don't waste your time on johnny (here a davy there a davy)

Poor Pitts... he is the minority in more ways than one (Johnny (Outstandingly) Awesome)

Countdown To Blue Knob! (Pitts..The Reverend Is Ready!) pic map

liberals vs. the real world...libs 0 - real world 1... (Mr. Right)


Re: Smokin Cubans...oh the irony... (Mr. Right) pic map

Re: Galt (Johnny (Always) Awesome)

Blowing your own horn

Smokin Cubans pic

Class Action (Medina) map

Smoke This! (The real John Galt)

The astonishing ignorance of Jim Isabella and most of his callers. (Nationwide.)

Re: Diners and Pot heads (You don't smoke weed? Really )

Diners and Pot heads

RE: Spelling? That all you got? map

We get the Government We deserve (Cleveland) map

Spelling? That all you got?

Pot head diners

Pitts gets more delusional by the stories! (Johnny (Bwahaha) Awesome)

Here Ya Go Reverend Awesome (Pitts..Part Of God's Plan) pic map

re: Cold for smokers? (Brookline)

RE: On tourture and The 8th Amendment (The real John Galt)

re Cold for smokers? (Really)

Cold for smokers? (Really)

Re: RE TODAYS DNC (Johnny (Always) Awesome)

Re: Part Of God's Plan, Right? (Pitts..JA Believes!) (Johnny (Outstandingly) Awesome)

Blowing His Own Horn (R.M. Scaife)


Hellfire doesn't bother you?

On tourture and The 8th Amendment (The real John Galt)

Part Of God's Plan, Right? (Pitts..JA Believes!) pic map

Today's DNC (Dance around this one!) pic map

More Of Today's GOP! (Pitts..JA's A Proud Member) pic map

Today's GOP pic

re: Lets define torture (18 U.S. Code � 2340 does that dummy) pic

re: I'm So Sick Of Democrats (gh0st)

Let's DEFINE Torture (Reality)

All Aboard! (Pitts..The JA Express) pic map


Don't ya.... (disgusted) pic

Re: re: Calling them out (Johnny Magnificently Awesome)

Christmas special? (But if you care so little. . .)

Imagination Works (Pitts..JA Uses His Often) pic

Ohio Republican Veterans

Define "Conservative" (This is John Galt Speaking)

Coming soon....... (The John Galt Christmas Special)

pittsboar finally admits it (Niles..exposing it) pic map

re: re: Calling them out map

re: Pure Stupidity map

Torturers are never patriots. They are criminals. (This is a true statement)

I'm So Sick Of Democrats Lying About Who The War Mongers Really Are (sweet spot)

Pure Stupidity

Re: Pitts..Lets See The Shirt JA (Johnny (Always) Awesome)

re: Calling them out

R U That Stupid? (Pitts..More Show Me Your Log) pic map

back to that storyline pittsboar? (Niles..exposing his lies) pic map

Re: Torturers are never patriots. They are criminals...lol (Mr. Right) map

Calling them out (Another Johnny)

How Bout A Pic Of That J Awesome Shirt? (Pitts..Lets See The Shirt JA) pic map

Hmm yea dude... talking about characters (Awesomely Johnny)

Who's Next? (Pitts..JA's Growing Stable) pic map

Merry Christmas! (John Galt)

The GOP's Tortured Logic pic

Torturers are never patriots. They are criminals. pic

Dick Cheney has "no problem" with torturing INNOCENT people TO DEATH pic

Pitts.... is still in his delusional charade (Johnny's Mom)

come here horse..... (Niles..exposing the gaps) pic map

Re torture (Basic Humanity)

Re:Torture (Reality)

You Can Lead A Horse To Water..... (Pitts..JA's Angels In Denial) pic map

re: Three Stooges

all that gay stuff (sick and perverted) pic


Three Stooges

Under the bus...Doi! (Awesomely Johnny)

I believe Democrats really do know better

RE Willing To Overlook? (Well Said)

re: You just don't throw your own under the bus, no matter what... pic

Willing To Overlook? (Pitts..Only If You Conform) pic map

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